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Japanese 101 (日本語教室) is a language tutorial segment run by Filthy Frank and Safari Man, Japanese 101 is an unreliable tutoring program which teaches unique sayings uncommonly used by the Japanese.

When they are not messing around or filming senseless stuff, the characters of The Filthy Frank Show have many musical talents. For example, Pink Guy is adept at ukelele use, and is the main musician of the channel; Salamander Man is the greatest assflute player in the realms, and Frank is quoted as saying: «nobody plays better assflute than Salamander Man»; Frank also knows how to play the keyboard, and contributes to many of Pink Guy’s works. Other guest characters make musical appearances too, like Stephen Hawking, Ainsley Harriott and Tony the Turd.

Pink Guy is also the lead musician because he releases many of his songs on the channel, accompanied by their own music videos. Rap and hip-hop is his main style of music, which are loaded with hilarious and cutting referential lyrics, some that take thought to understand. Even when the verse is not comical, they are intelligently clever and humorous. Pink Guy also used the channel as a venue to promote his mixtape/album of the same name.

Online topics, pop culture, categories, fandoms, and many other illustrious (and borderline offensive) themes are debated and opinionated on by Filthy Frank. Using his experience and expertise, as well as an unofficial Ph.D. in Internet Retardation, Frank makes opinions, evaluations, and judgments on sensitive subjects, and gives advice or disputation on several topics.

The most viewed video Frank had an opinion on was WEEABOOS, where he derailed the social dogma of non-Japanese Anime spectators who glorify Japan. Garnering over two million views, Frank set out to settle the «weeaboo epidemic once and for all.» Listing many examples, citing the Urban Dictionary for reference, and also conceiving a satirical personification to use as character comedy, Filthy Frank relayed a powerful opinion: Western obsession with Japanese Anime has become an online social dilemma, self-righteousness and personal Anime avatars are idiotic, and knowledge about Japan accumulated from watching Anime is extremely inaccurate and ignorant.

Other observations include his views on youth who want to become famous or well-known in Hip hop music by using the internet, covered in BAD INTERNET RAPPERS; The Hidden message behind Eeyore, a depressed donkey in the Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon series, covered in WINNIE THE POOH CONSPIRACY THEORY; Over privileged and praise-deprived children who parade their taste for music made before they were born, slandering the current mainstream music scene, covered in «[[WELCOME TO THE SECOND CHANNEL

]]», and many many more.

When Papa Franku feels the need, he will tell stories and low-key rants.

Featured on this channel, are the Batsu Games and many other games that Frank and his friends like to play with each other.


The Notorious B.I.G. — «Juicy» (MattyBRaps Cover)


Pink Guy entered Frank’s life when Frank’s original dimension in Okinawa disappeared, as Frank was in the realm of the darkness, Pink Guy appeared before him as a messenger of an unknown entity and tells him all about the Peace Lords and Chin-Chin, This was revealed in the book, Francis of the Filth, Pink Guy could not escape that realm, for he cannot generate chromosomes in that realm, Frank makes Pink Guy come with him, Frank went to the coordinates Pink Guy gave and went to a realm where they were safe for a time. In his time in the Grasslands Realm, he put out an album of his amazingly retarded songs, compiled into Pink Season.

Abilities and Powers

Chin-Chin has displayed an enormous amount of god-like level superpowers. Being the almighty «god» of all omniverses he is extremely superior to almost every lower being. His chromosome level is almost unlimited. The only exception to this being Prometheus.

Chin-Chin has superhuman strength and speed (this was evidence when he defeated Red Dick, one of the most powerful beings alive, with extreme ease), has teleportation abilities, telekinesis and can shoot powerful energy beams from his ass. It is not clear, but it is implied he gains more power from the sacrifices people make for him. Due to his vast powers and evil nature, he can cause extreme fear to his opponents.

Some of Chin-Chin’s offensive capabilities include firing a purple electric beam from his mouth (which he appears to be able to do by squeezing his nipples), and purple energy blasts.

Chin-Chin can also summon portals as way of multidimensional travel. He can also spawn dimensional vortexes to trap his enemies and banish them into other realms, which is very effective, considering Chin-Chin succeeded in banishing Filthy Frank into Realm 0.


After he got stranded on Earth in the early eighties, E.T. was discovered by a ‘troubled’ boy named Elliott. Bringing the extraterrestrial into his house, Elliott and some other children tried to keep his existence a secret. Soon, however, E.T. got sick and the government wanted to catch him, but he got picked up by his parents and had to go home.

30 years later, E.T returned back to earth to «experience the human lifestyle» after missing out the first time. Things like adultery, substance abuse, reckless driving and public masturbation. In order to do so, he became friends with Frank and his kokujin crew, Pookie and Brock Lee, who were drug dealers. E.T. blazed up with the crew, experienced the rawness of the female form, the thrills of high octane motorbiking, and even prank-calling.

E.T. became arrogant, sadly, and tried to cut out the «degenerates» and steal the cocaine distribution scene, as he «absorbed their hood knowledge» from «those hood people». After siding with Frank, E.T. got too carried away, despite Frank’s warnings. Brock Lee argued with E.T., and after a heated debate, they fought, but Brock Lee was way too powerful. Luckily for E.T., Pookie and Frank came to his rescue, but Pookie died in the process. Again.

After contemplating and deducing the human existence, E.T. decided that he had enough of this world, and longed to return home, to space. Unfortunately, his parents disowned him so he never had a ride back home, and went on to attempt suicide by coke. Frank tried to save him by taking him to the hospital, and took the train, were E.T. pleasured himself. Unfortunately, at 2:41 PM, E.T. was pronounced dead. He had overdosed on 40 pounds of cocaine.

He is revealed to be alive and well in «FILTHY FRANK VS. CHIN CHIN», aiding Frank and co. in their battle against the Dark Lord Chin Chin. He appears out of a corner, firing multiple shots at Chin Chin with his gat. The Real Frank then uses him as a weapon to bludgeon a Tap Brother and a weird guy in a red costume who randomly appears in the fight.

Творческий путь

Джордж ещё с раннего возраста мечтал стать музыкантом, однако благодаря блогерской деятельности он обрёл первый успех. Под псевдонимом Filthy Frank он снимал комедийные скетчи, выпускал несколько видеорубрик. В 2013 году Joji, одетый в розовое боди из лайкры, запустил танцевальную тенденцию Harlem Shake, которая «взорвала» интернет.

Видеоблогингом парень занимался с 2008 по 2017 гг. Из-за провокационного контента продолжительное время в медиа он скрывал настоящее имя. Joji не хотел, чтобы его деятельность мешала работе и учёбе. Кроме съёмки видео, исполнитель захотел заниматься созданием музыки. Освоить написание мелодии он смог в программе GarageBand, после того как услышал хит Лила Уэйна A Milli (2008) и захотел воссоздать ритм. 

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«Я пробовал уроки игры на барабанах в течение месяца, но ничего не получилось выучить. Я банально не смог», — признался артист. Он также пытался освоить игру на укулеле, фортепиано и гитаре. Однако в один момент Joji признался в том, что его сила в способности к необычному исполнению, а не в создании инструментальной музыки.

Каналы на YouTube Joji изначально создавал, как средство для «продвижения» своих композиций. В одном из интервью артист отметил:

Joji начал выпускать первые композиции под псевдонимом Pink Guy. Песни были исполнены в комичном стиле, соответствующем контенту на канале. Первым полноценным студийным альбомом стал Pink Season, выпущенный в 2017 году. Работа смогла попасть в Billboard 200, заняв 70-ю позицию в рейтинге.

Joji (Джоджи): Биография артиста

Joji выступал на South by Southwest, даже хотел отправиться в тур с альбомом Pink Season. Однако в декабре 2017 года он принял решение попрощаться с комедийными персонажами Filthy Frank и Pink Guy. Контент-мейкер написал об этом в Twitter. По его словам, главные причины ухода с YouTube — банальное снижение интереса к блоггингу и возникшие проблемы со здоровьем.

Other Information

Pink Guy has pink dermis Lycra covering the majority of his body, and his genitals appear to consist of a rubber banana as seen in «Filthy Compilation» and «PEOPLE I HATE». He also seems to have a speech problem and speaks in claptrap, however, he manages to communicate with Red Dick fine as seen in «ROCK PAPER SCISSORS…?». Pink Guy has little to no fear of what those around him think of him, as displayed by his frequent humiliating activities performed in Japan and elsewhere. It’s also notable that Pink Guy is often seen with Red Dick, and it is implied they are best friends within the Filthy Frank universe. Pink Guy also seems to have a love for (and a possible obsession for) pusi. That being said, he is known to have touched a willy in high school once, but he swears it was just a little mistake. He is probably Satanist Just Ask Filthy Frank #3 (ABORTIONS & GINGERS). He probably can give birth as we can see in Just Ask Filthy Frank #2. He likes to dance in free time. It is speculated that Pink Guy may have become stricken with depression as The Real Frank is jumping from dimension to dimension running from the peace^lords with the rest of his friends, because of this Isolation Pink Guy wonders if the Real Frank even cares about Pink Guy anymore. So he only has Fake Frank to comfort him. (See FRIED NOODLES). Pink Guy possesses one of the only two time-drifting vehicles in existence, called Pink Stealth, the other being the Nazi Time Travel Vehicle. It is featured on the cover of his Pink Season album.

It is theorized that Pink Guy was prophesied to become the most powerful being in the omniverse and destroy it, shown in Pink Season: The Prophecy. In realizing his destiny, he found, that he loved the world and did not want to destroy it, in the fear of his destiny he committed suicide. After killing himself he was transported to hell, where he is forced to fight the demons within himself. After defeating his inner demons he sings a remix of STFU in an act of defiance to his prophecy and possible influence from Chin-Chin, telling his destiny to shut the fuck up. He is later shown aggressively eating dumplings showing his future career, activities, and future with Filthy Frank]. However, this is all just speculation, and is probably not true or never mentioned again in later lore videos.

Chaptire 2


Noise Complaints

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuGrUZfJ6jQ
Frank starts the video off in his bathroom, while Chin Chin tries to convince Frank’s friends to kick him out of the house. They succeed, so Frank leaves. 2000 Chromosomes later, he arrives with his new friends, Dade, Hurshes Kisess, and Black Friend. The next videos depicts what Frank did in that time.


While looking for some new friends, Frank found some people who like playing with fire. While talking to them, he gets shot in the ass with a firework. This then turns into a game where they shoot fireworks at each other. Because Frank does not enjoy this, he kept searching. Frank ends up by meeting someone called HowToBasic. Since HowTobasic was doing the Ice bucket challenge, he invites Frank to join in on the fun. Because Frank is deeply insecure and craves attention he accepts the challenge, but it ends up making him look really stupid.

New Friends

Frank comes back to his house after 2000 chromosomes, because he found some new friends. However, Frank ends up not liking them either, instead deciding to reconcile with his old friends.

Now that Frank is back with his old friends, he decides to make a few more videos along side them.


Safari Man goes to look for some butter when he finds Dade. He later realizes that Dade is not looking too well, but still just stands there laughing. Luckily, Frank has a vision and sees what happened. Frank contacts everybody he possibly can in hopes to save Dade.

He even goes as far as to ask Chin-Chin for help. He offered sacrifices in exchange for Chin-Chin’s help in curing Dade. Dade was not saved in the end, and everyone is left devastated.


Murders Committed

  • Sam Keating, Jr.: (indirectly caused) Although Frank did not directly kill Annalise’s baby, he is responsible for his death, as he planted the bug in Annalise’s room, which allowed Wallace Mahoney to carry out the assault on Annalise that killed her unborn child. («There’s My Baby», «Anna Mae»)
  • Lila Stangard : Strangled Lila on top of a roof, killing her unborn child with her, on orders of Sam Keating. («It’s All My Fault»)
  • Wallace Mahoney: Shot him dead in the middle of the street as an act of revenge for ordering him to help their assault on Annalise. («Anna Mae»)
  • Butch Man: Killed him after he found him spying on him for Annalise. («We’re Good People Now»)
  • Robert Winterbottom: Pretended to be a new employee and got into his hospital room in the prison he was at and heated his lungs until they melted with hydrogen sulfide. Frank did this because he had sexually assaulted Bonnie and sold her off to other men when she was only a child. He did this to try and win Bonnie back after the truth came out about his involvement in Annalise’s child’s death. («Don’t Tell Annalise»)
  • Dominick Flores: Snapped his neck after he got under his skin. Before this, Frank tortured him for information about Jorge Castillo, however, Dominic was only interested in playing mind games, Frank got agitated and killed him. He later disposed of his body along with his car at a scrap yard. He kept Dominic’s phone because it had a voicemail from Wes. («He’s Dead»)
  • Lynne Birkhead: Shot her to death in the middle of the press conference held outside of the courthouse after Annalise Keating’s last trial. The return fire from the courthouse guards lethally wounded him as well as Bonnie, who had attempted to stop Frank right as he opened fire, and they both die embraced by a devastated Annalise. («Stay»)


The first upload was on February 11th, 2013, known as «WELCOME TO THE SECOND CHANNEL,» and was the introduction for the new channel. Frank would say that the channel would host content that never made it onto the then main channel, DizastaMusic, or behind the scene footage, or «shit that everyone just wants to enjoy.» He would go on to warn viewers that they should not «expect to laugh all the time» because the content would be «just a bunch of random stuff.» Frank then stated that he opened a new P.O box with which the viewers could send him stuff that he would open on camera: He never did open up any fan mail. Frank then gave birth to his black son.

«Japanese Arcade Games with Filthy Frank» was the next upload published four days later on the 15th of February. In the episode, Filthy Frank went to a Namco arcade with Red Dick. This episode marks Red Dick’s first appearance on the TVFilthyFrank channel. In the episode, Frank criticizes Red Dick as he fails to win a Hello Kitty plushie, played on a 4D Horror ride, and distracted other people around the arcade.


The Return of Frank Prelude 

Pink Guy wakes up in Realm 9.444 OMN-6 (190624) to find himself in a forest with Safari Man. After a short conversation, Safari Man starts to bleed from his mouth, due to the chromosomes that Chin-Chin has harvested from him. Pink Guy looks around as Safari Man falls to the ground, seemingly dead or insane (Note: Safari Man talking might just be left there just for the comedy). Pink Guy spots Chin-Chin sitting in a chair with an evil grin. After another short conversation, Chin-Chin casts another spell, this time on Pink Guy. The spell seemed to send Pink Guy into insanity as he temporarily got sent to a world which was the manifestation of his fear.

The Return of Frank

Chin-Chin walks out of the forest, only to be greeted with a echoing voice insulting him. A portal suddenly opened as the «Real» Frank hopped out of it with «A bottle of 40 and a blunt». His hair is now noticeably longer. Frank tells Chin-Chin «I know the truth, you ain’t no god!» as they initiate in a battle in which Frank reigns victorious. Frank seemed to have learned multiple battle techniques and spells while he was banished. Also note that Frank says some people call him a Peace^lord and that could be how he learned all his new attacks.


After hearing the news, Fake Frank flies and rides to the house of Wheelz in Realm 90, begging him to help him in the upcoming war. Wheelz initially refuses to say that he should stop kneeling because he doesn’t want Fake Frank to suck his dick. This leads to Fake Frank trying to bribe Wheelz by saying he could do that if that’s what he wanted. Fake Frank then explained that the «Real» Frank is an impostor. Wheelz then challenges Fake Frank to a game of basketball. If Fake Frank loses, Wheelz will not help him. In the end Fake Frank loses, in his defeat, he mocks Wheelz about his disability, then unleashes his army of rats to attack him. The Real Frank runs around the city, then finds Yung Upgrade, disguised as a human. Frank recruits him because of his roast powers.

Frank VS Chin-Chin

As the two parties meet atop Jew Central in New York City, they find Pink Guy, who has recovered from his curse. Fake Frank says «Well, well, well, we meet again» indicating that the Fake frank has met the «Real» Frank before, while the «Real» Frank doesn’t recognize him. As the battle ensues, Chin-Chin announced that he brought a weapon showing up with one of The Tap Brothers, Frank brings out Mr. Negi Generation 3000 (Yung Upgrade), The Roast Lord, who started his attack by roasting Fake Frank. E.T., who was thought to be dead, also shows up with a gun along with an unknown Lycra. As the battle goes on, some teletubby motherfucker joins Chin-Chin’s army but is quickly disposed of by Real Frank with an E.T. to the ass. Frank’s army eventually beats Chin-Chin and his fighters, leaving Chin-Chin with an STD, while The Roast Lord finishes Fake Frank with a final roast.

Личная жизнь

После ареста и условного освобождения Фрэнк не особо верил, что найдется такая женщина, которая пожелает связаться с ним узами брака. Но судьба была к нему благосклонна, и в одном из банков он встретил девушку Келли.

Спустя некоторое время он рассказал ей о своем прошлом. Она сказала, что ей нужно все обдумать. Фрэнк решил, что таким образом она просто отказала ему. Но спустя три месяца она приехала к нему и сообщила, что готова стать его женой.

На свадьбу не приехали родители ни стороны жениха, ни невесты. У Фрэнка к тому времени уже умер отец, а мать с сестрой и двумя братьями холодно поздравили во время телефонного звонка. Его родственники были удивлены, что нашлась такая дурочка, что вышла за него. Родители Келли были против её брака с Фрэнком Абигнейлом.

Их союз подарил миру троих мальчиков. Келли стала его опорой. Она неотступно поддерживала мужа после смерти матери. Ведь приехав на похороны, он вновь почувствовал себя отвергнутым и ненужным семье.

Келли сама рассказала детям об истории их отца Фрэнка. Она назвала его противоправные действия юношеским поиском приключений и протестом подростка. Благодаря Келли Фрэнк Абигнейл стал сам верить в это.

Работа под псевдонимом Joji

В 2017 году основным направлением для Джорджа стала работа под новым псевдонимом Joji. Парень начал заниматься профессиональной музыкой и отказался от комедийного образа. Если Pink Guy и Filthy Frank были не более чем персонажами, то Joji — это настоящий Миллер. Исполнитель подписал договор с азиатским лейблом 88rising, под эгидой которого было выпущено несколько песен.

Первый EP Джорджа In Tongues вышел уже на лейбле EMPIRE Distributio в ноябре 2017 года. Через год артист выпустил делюкс-версию мини-альбома. Песня Yeah Right попала в хит-парад Billboard R&B Songs, где смогла занять 23-ю позицию рейтинга.

Дебютным альбомом стал BALLADS 1, который вышел в октябре 2018 года. В продюсировании двух композиций артисту помогали D33J, Shlohmo и Clams Casino. Среди 12 треков можно услышать как меланхоличную, так и весёлую музыку. Исполнитель сказал, что он не хотел, чтобы во время прослушивания люди постоянно грустили. В песне R.I.P. можно услышать партию, которую читает Trippie Redd.

Вторая студийная работа Nectar, в которую вошло 18 композиций, вышла в апреле 2020 года. В четырёх треках можно услышать части, исполненные Rei Brown, Lil Yachty, Omar Apollo, Yves Tumor и Benee. Некоторое время альбом занимал 3-ю позицию в американском чарте Billboard 200.

Joji (Джоджи): Биография артиста

Real Name

Main Article: Chin-Chin (See Theory 2)

His real name, Freygarður Geirtryggur Þjóðleifur Lúthersdóttir, sounds and looks like complete gibberish. It is unknown why and where he got this name from, but there is a theory that he got this name from The Joten, in which they are believed to be his biological parents, as this same theory suggests that Pink Guy, Chin-Chin and Red Dick are all three brothers, as they are the first three lycras to be created in the Omniverse. It is believed that the text used to write his name is actually written in either the native Joten language or the native Lycra language, in which these are both inexistent to humans. It seems like these two languages are slowly disappearing, as the Lycra diaspora is getting bigger and bigger over time, suggesting that there is little to no lycras who actually know how to speak the language. This would mean that Pink Guy himself doesn’t even know his real name, meaning that he’s more familiar with the name Pink Guy.

Style and Genre of the Book

The book is written in two different genres. The main part of the book is written like a science fiction or fantasy novel. Each chapter continues the story in a chronological way, and only a few times parts from its focus on Frank in order to show events taking place elsewhere. Also, each chapter begins with a few sentences that do not fit the style of the rest of the book. They seem to be more poetic or symbolically descriptive in nature. For example, one chapter begins with lines like «The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there», while the rest of the chapter comprises of more story-based sentences. This occurs at the beginning of each chapter, and can either sum up the main moral/point of the chapter in a wise way or describe the environment Frank finds himself in within the Chapter. The book contains both dialogue, description, chronological narration, and inner dialogue.

Along with the novel-style part of the book, many elements are taken from Biblical literature. The second chapter (or the first chapter in the chronological story) starts with Frank showing superior skills and intellect by «writing quadratic equations on the wall … and explaining them in Aramaic», and «Because of his brilliant mind… people would line up to pet his head in the hope of having knowledge imparted to them». This is similar to the depiction of the young Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem, where he was found by Mary and Joseph «sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers» (Luke 2:46-47).

For the rest of the book, similarities to Biblical literature are not so clear until the 14th chapter, where Frank meets the Ultimate God. During the conversation, when Frank asks many questions seemly in despair, the Ultimate God responds with his own questions like «Were you there when I flung the omniverses into their positions? Do you know how many omniverses and dimensions and realms there are? … Surely you know, Francis! Do tell me!». This style is taken from the Book of Job. When Job is in despair, God says «Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand. Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know! Who stretched a measuring line across it?» (Job 38:5). Also, the appearance of the Ultimate God, as a light and a flame, are taken from the imagery in the Book of Exodus, where God appears in the burning bush.

The Revelation chapter of the book (which will be called «FF’s Revelation» in this paragraph) is written entirely as apocalyptic literature. Many of the sentence styles are proof of this, such as «In the vision I saw…», «And I saw the boy standing…» as well as the author asking the giver of the visions questions like «‘What does this mean?’ I asked» followed by responses from the giver like «Write what you see». FF’s Revelation also takes much from the Book of Revelation in the Bible, also known as the Apocalypse of John. The beginning paragraphs are almost identical to passages in the Apocalypse of John as well as passages from the Book of Exodus. The first line of Revelation, «I, Negi, was sitting under a pomegranate tree.» is worded just like the Apocalypse of John, «I, John, … was on the island of Patmos» (Revelation 1:9). The phrase «Remove the soil from your roots, for the place you are resting is holy ground» is worded also exactly the same as Exodus 3:5, «Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.». The ending of FF’s Revelation is also just like the ending of the Apocalypse of John. The last line of FF’s Revelation is «Grace and peace across the tiers», and the last line of the Apocalypse of John is «The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people». This line in FF’s Revelation also is a reference to the beginnings and ending of the epistles in the New Testament, «Grace and peace to you from God…». The words ‘grace and peace’ occur in the greetings of all of the Pauline epistles (except Romans), Peter’s epistles, and 2 John.

In summary, the story line of the book is written like a novel. However, references to Biblical and apocalyptic literature are found throughout, especially in Chapter 14 and Revelation. Knowing this makes it easier for the reader to understand the cryptic nature of parts of the book.